Carbon Neutral Solutions Ltd (CNSL) is an independent company dedicated to the sourcing and development of sustainable solid biomass fuels for heating and power generation.

The introduction of the Worlds first Renewable Heat Incentive on the 10th March 2011 and the increasing demand for Wood based Biomass by the UK and the  World challenges the overall concept of biomass use as a Renewable Fuel particularly where biomass production land use and sustaiable forest management is in question . It is essential that every part of the supply chain is qualified and substantiated as being truly ‘Renewable’  –  ‘Sustainable’ and capable of reducing ‘Carbon Emissions’ and ‘Carbon Footprints’

With over 10 years of UK and International biomass supply experience and 25 years in forestry and sawmilling – staff at CNSL can provide support to source / develop Sustainable, Renewable, Carbon Neutral Fuels for a range of projects – and provide technical assistance to ensure specification fuels.

CNSL provides services in  3 main areas:

Forestry Woodland Management

CNSL can assist in the management of UK  Woodland to optimise potential wood fuels.   Services include  commercial forest chipping / storage and transport options, and contract negotiation and fuel supply management.  Click here for more infomation

Fuel Supply Support and Management

CNSL can provide support at every stage of the supply chain from forest to boiler.   Services include logistical developments, ensuring certified supply chains such as PEFC and FSC, and administration and operational support. Click here for more information

Fuel sampling and analysis

The introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will require significant analysis services to ensure the quality fuel and the performance of the heating installations

CNSL provides a mobile service which looks at the quality of the fuel.  Click here to find out more.

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