Biomass derived fuels can contribute susbstantially to improve the environement by utilising otherwise wasted and unused biomass from forestry and sawmilling operations and utilising under used low grade land for the development of specisalist energy crops.  Already biomass fuels are beginning to appear in many areas of heating and power production. Their ability to help to reduce carbon emmssions has been well documented. However it is essentail that any claims to reduce or be Carbon Neutral has to be monitored and assessed.

Carbon Neutral Solutions Ltd (CNSL) work with identified fuel supply chains that are in accord with the environment and will contribute to overall carbon emmissions.

We are committed to reducing Carbon Dioxide Emmissions by supporting and encouraging the use of Renewable Biomass fuels from Sustainably Managed resources.

We will provide support for the sourcing and supply of Biomass fuels only from Forestry and Agricutlural developement and managment regimes that will not be detremental to the environment and will only be  from certified managed forests / wood production facilties / approved energy crop development  sites.

CNSL will not support any supply from un certified / un qualified supply chains or where any development of biomass activities will challenge the indeginous populations or remove agricultural land out of vital food production.

CNSL will ensure that any developments are carried out with sensitivity and take into account local and regional Biodiversty and Biodiversty action plans.

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